$2 Poetry

Columbus, Ohio. February 2,016

Earlier this month I was in Columbus for the homie Lamb$ listening party @ Made & Co. I was already in the city so I pulled up to the function dolo. Once the listening party was over I was walking back up High St. to my homegirl's condo. The party was dope but it was more going on with me than what could be said or seen. Particularly with the female interests in my life. As I'm walking down High St. a little tipsy and I tweet 'What is my life'.

At this exact moment I cross paths with a man sitting on a stoop with a sign that reads '2 Dollar Poetry'. Anybody close to me will tell you I don't believe in irony or coincidences only synchronicity.  On a somewhat random side note it irks me when somebody 'homeless' or not asks me for anything because that's not how I life works, nobody gives you shit; but when I see an artist on the street brave enough to share their craft, homeless or not I'm more inclined to engage and support. With that being said I stopped and talked to him and bought a poem. The poem he shared with me is called 'Emotional Cell' and relevant to my situation at the time. I've scanned the poem for you to read yourself. Thank you, Mason

$2 poems