Columbus, Ohio. 2,016

This past weekend I had the chance to witness Kanye West's SAINT PABLO concert and it was the most groundbreaking show I've seen in person. But before I get to the details of the show let me tell you how I just knew I was going to miss the show. The Pablo show started at 8 in Columbus and I left from Cincinnati around 5:30pm to get there early so I could hit the hotel, change clothes link with homies and get to the show before it started, etc. etc., But it's never fucking fails. About an hour in to the ride up I end up in stand still traffic for over an fucking hour! By the time i get out of traffic it's 7:30 and i'm still about 30, 40 minutes out. I sped to the hotel changed and called the uber for me and my homie, so mind you the tel is bout 5-7 minutes driving to the venue but my uber driver decides tonight the night to finesse, so we hit wrong turn after wrong turn and get there bout 8:30 and i just knew I had missed the start of Pablo:/, but we didn't. Got there enough time to hit the merch table, roll up n all that. Besides the beginning bullshit the show was fucking amazing to say the least. I never seen a show that was transcendent past the music. The stage and light production was groundbreaking. This was the first show where I left in awe and could only think about what I saw.